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    OstoCare Ostomy Air Vent has developed a product called OstoCare Air Vent (OAV). It is one of the best air release venting device which is compatible with any kind of stool bag, one-piece, two-piece, drainable, or closed-end pouches.

    The OSTOCARE Ostomy Air Vent by VCARE Ostomy provides easy, quick access for a better alternative to burping or opening the bottom with less mess, less bother, and more security. It is specifically designed without a filter to quickly release air build upon demand.

    Benefits of OstoCare Air Vent:

    • Designed for all age groups
    • Waterproof
    • Easy to install and use, attaches to any ostomy pouch
    • Aids in reducing pouch explosions and loose wafer
    • Provides comfort, relief and confidence to ostomy pouch user
    • Gives freedom to perform longer activities like swimming, traveling, attending office meetings, taking long walks, playing outdoor sports, etc.


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    There are lots of Ostomy pouches in the market which come with Carbon filters, which are supposed to keep the pouches from ballooning, but this carbon filter also stops working by the end of day 2 as it get covered by stool.

    Instead of buying expensive stoma bags with a carbon filter, one can buy the regular stoma bag & attach OstoCare OAV to it which is developed by VCARE Ostomy. Overall, high quality OAV is available at good price also the OAV doesn’t get clogged like the carbon filter.

     If you haven`t yet, hit the LINK to read more about the OstoCare Ostomy Air Vent brand.

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