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    A Leading UK Manufacturer of Desirable Ostomy and Hernia Support Garments
    CUI Wear is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative garments for hernia prevention or to support an existing herniation. tHEY use unique textiles and incorporate many features that create a balance between the appropriate level of support required and comfort, whilst remaining easy to apply, adjust and wear with confidence. Their aim is to enhance the overall quality of life for their customers.

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    CUI Wear is the leading UK-based manufacturer and supplier of specialized medical support garments and Ostomy underwear, with over 30 years of development and manufacturing experience in medical and consumer textiles.

    Based in the heart of Leicestershire, CUI Wear is part of Medalin Ltd which manufactures a range of cotton and nylon-based medical and consumer textiles including Anti Embolic Hosiery (Saphena), Medalin branded prosthetic garments and diabetic socks, and the Pretty Legs range of consumer hosiery.

    CUI Wear offers a wide range of products, both for women and men but also for children, from underwear, swimwear, hernia belts, briefs, boxers, and much more.

    They offer free UK delivery for orders over 70 GBP and most of their products are available on NHS prescription with your yearly allowance (2-3 support garments per annum at your GP’s discretion).

    And if you haven`t yet, hit the LINK to see all the products from the Cui Wear brand.

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