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    Comfizz was established in 1998 as a fashion garment producer moving into specialist sportswear in 2002. In 2004 when a family member had stoma surgery, they worked together using their expertise and access to performance fabrics, to produce the most comfortable, functional support wear.

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    Level 1 light support wear is designed to overcome many common difficulties faced by living with a stoma, incontinence, or post-surgical wounds. Soft, gentle support, comfortable enough to be worn all day, every day without restricting the flow of a stoma.

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    Level 2 medium support is ideal for supporting hernias, or for extra support during exercise activities. Also, ideal for discretely holding larger incontinence pants securely. Soft breathable fabric for ultra comfort.

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    SHOP Firm Support (Level 3)

    Level 3 premium firm support belts are ideal for holding hernias, protecting hernia repairs, and giving extra support during strenuous activity.

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    Thanks to Comfizz’s origins in clothing and high-performance garments, they are in a very strong position to provide the best, most innovative medical support wear. Understanding athletes’ needs as well as patients, they’ve been able to combine all their experience into the product range so that the buyers receive the elite benefits that athletes expect. Comfizz garments are designed in collaboration with patients & professionals who understand what it’s like to have surgery or live with a stoma.

    Most of their products are available on NHS prescription in the UK. If you live in Scotland, look for products with a Scottish icon to know which products are available on NHS prescription for that area.

    Comfizz offers a wide range of products like boxers, swimsuits, waistbands, and briefs in many different colors, and levels of support.

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    If you need a little bit of help and support, why not book a free one-to-one consultation with one of Comfizz`s experts?

    And if you haven`t yet, hit the LINK to see all the products from the Comfizz brand.

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