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    How I deal with Stoma Blockage

    The first thing I felt when dealing with a stoma blockage was stomach pain around my stoma and after that first symptom, they started popping up one behind another. The next thing I noticed was that my output from my ileostomy is slowing down until it stopped draining completely. The area around my stoma became very swollen and my stoma doubled the size.

    The power of positive thinking

    Hrvatski Emotionally, spiritually and intellectually we are what we think. Any thought that leads you to think about failure, problems, hopeless situations, disappointments, fears, helplessness and is not constructive and problem-solving or leads to depression, anxiety, self-pity, anxiety about illness or any form of pessimistic thinking is negative. It is crucial...

    What is the fastest thing in the world?

    Could the fastest thing in the world be a thought, a blink of an eye, the light?! Or something completely different and unexpected?  A few days ago I was barely able to avoid an accident with my stoma bag while I was in a store… Usually, stoma bags are harmless and...


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